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Converting to LPG power from the conventional Gasolene saves about 20% of your money each time you get a tank full of fuel? Imagine the 100s you can save - all you have to do is make a small investment and you're through!

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At Autoclinics, we are committed to provide the best petrol to LPG conversion service in the market. Not only are we doing this to help save the environment, we also strive to keep our customers satisfied with the level of expertise we possess in various other automobile-related services.

Our years of experience coupled with the dedication we have in providing advanced vehicle technology to consumers have made us well known in our field. At present, we specialize in petrol to LPG conversion services of small and medium sized commercial cars and vehicles. Despite the effort and the quality of work we exert for our clients, our rates remain to be very competitive.

Converting your vehicle to run on LPG fuel can save you a lot of money on fuel costs. It is also a popular alternative to petrol fuels that many people find harmful to the environment.

We offer the installation of the following trusted LPG conversion kits and systems: ROMANO and AC Stag

Aside from this, we are also pleased to offer the arrangement of your petrol service while your conversion is in progress. This will save you valuable time and money.

Our work experience is vast and clients ask us to convert different vehicles. LPG Conversion is indeed an affordable, environment-friendly, and safe alternative to using petrol-powered vehicles.

Here at Autoclinics, we are proud to say that our clientele grows more each day because of the satisfaction we give to our clients. Because of our professionalism, we enjoy word-of-mouth promotions instead of relying on expensive marketing campaigns.

We hope you find this website informative in your search for information on deciding if an LPG conversion is right for you.

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